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puget sound and seattle rodent exclusion specialists

  • I have used Erik as a vendor for years for my property management clients...

He really knows about his pests and can leverage those years of experience to customize a solution. My clients love that he will actually come out to give free advice before charging anything. That is so rare. He is also very friendly himself. I know I can trust him around both my tenants and clients and everyone will have smiles. I recommend him highly and without reservation. -- Shango Los, Seattle WA
  • I couldn't believe the thorough inspection you did at our house...

    You looked in places I never would have thought of. You were fearless in plunging into some nasty places! Good job. I really liked the diagram of the problem areas and your solutions as well. The minimal price absolutely blew me away. I will recommend you to anyone who even thinks they have a rat problem. Thanks! -- EA, Bellevue
  • I used Erik to eliminate a family of rats that were using our attic as a home...

    During Erik's first visit to the house, he made a complete inspection of the potential entrance points used by the rats to occupy the attic before giving me an estimate of the cost to close off those entrance points. Erik was thorough, detailed, knowledgeable, reliable and pleasant to work with. He explained clearly the work he was doing and how the rats would respond. Erik is a true professional. If you have a rat problem of any kind, he is the one to call. -- Mike Moss, Lake Forest Park, WA
  • I can't say enough good things about Erik.

    I initially hired him to clear a carpenter ant infestation. His inspection was thorough, and his service top notch. He knows his stuff and made recommendations on vegetation, and offered me various alternatives. Later in the year it was rats - very clever ones that escaped capture for some time. Erik was always a cell phone call away. He responded immediately and returned weekly (& sometimes bi-weekly) to reset traps and try new tricks. He finally caught a small family, returned one-by-one to remove them, and patched the hole they had created in the eaves.

    Erik changed companies at one point, and is now out on his own. During one of the interims, I was visited by a colleague from his old company. The service severely paled. When you work with Erik, you're inviting a new member into your household. -- Lara Feltin

  • Erik did a fantastic job taking care of our rat issue.

    He had a service tech from one of the major franchises come out and do an "inspection" of our home. His inspection consisted of a walk around and a peek in our crawl space and attic. He then left 3 poison bait stations which he intended to service monthly for $70 and informed us that to fix the problem entirely we'd need to have a complete attic restoration which includes removal of all insulation in order to determine and repair entry points and new installation installed. All total this would cost us $4500! After 4 days of continued rat noise and activity I called Erik. From the get go Erik made it clear he was here to solve our problem not upsell us on expensive and unnecessary services. His free inspection was extremely thorough. He identified the problem areas, explained how he'd fix them and gave us a fair estimate. We are confident our problem is now solved and we're saving $70 a month in service charges from the other company!

    Without a doubt, if you have a rat problem Erik's the guy to solve it. Thanks Erik!

    Curt VandenBosch Maple Valley, WA