Critter types


Bandits? Dangerous to you and your pets? You bet. And the damage to your home can be expensive once raccoons take up residence in your attic, under your deck, or in your crawlspace. Plus their droppings carry the Raccoon Ringworm. Look for their droppings at the base of large trees and along your fence line.


Bird pests

Some people refer to pigeons as flying rats. Did you know their droppings may vector salmonella? Find out more about problems with birds and what you can do about them.


They can be cute, until you have one in your house climbing your drapes. How dangerous are they, really?



Bats are flying mammals in the order Chiroptera. The forelimbs of bats are webbed and developed as wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Interesting, but still pesky. We'll keep them out of your hair.

Opossums (Possums)

No matter how you spell it, opossums are a nuisance. The opossum is the only marsupial in North America. Opossums are usually covered in fleas and can be dangerous to pets.

The Norway Rat

What kind of rat infestations might you have in Washington state? Particularly in the Seattle area? How do you know what kind of rat problem you have?